Single Source Solutions

The Stanley Group builds, owns and manages the projects it constructs and strives to maintain maximum occupancy in all of its properties. This greatly simplifies the management process and lets us personally attend to the individual needs of each property. The Stanley Group’s experience, expertise and uncommon characteristics are ideally suited to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic real estate markets. The Stanley Group is adept at anticipating trends well ahead of the curve, putting them immediately in step with client needs as they emerge. The Stanley Group’s philosophy, experience and organizational structure make it ideal for individuals who need fast response, exacting workmanship and careful attention to detail.

Financial Network

As a privately owned company, The Stanley Group has a reputation for getting things done. TSG, Inc. deftly utilizes its extensive network of financial institutions, equity providers and prominent investors to target and acquire various projects. We immediately respond to our project and client needs with quick, resolute decisions.

Personal Involvement

Mr. Stanley is personally involved in every significant transaction. Key personnel are readily accessible to clients and report directly to Mr. Stanley enabling fast and thorough project reviews and quick decisions to meet timetables and stay ahead.


The Stanley Group has successfully weathered many economic real estate cycles in Northern California. Its long-term owner/manager approach has given it the resources to remain active, even in down markets.


A fast-paced industry means fast-paced schedules. We understand this aspect of our market and our efforts are predicated upon the necessity of being able to immediately respond. Our pre-planning and expertise let us deliver projects in often astonishing short time-frames.


By maintaining a small, efficient organization and by subcontracting out all construction aspects we keep a tight rein on project costs. All contract negotiations are generally conducted in-house saving time and attorney’s fees.


Maximum Flexibility and Speed

Our organizational structure allows us to “work on the fly’ by eliminating the layers of bureaucratic involvement faced by other development company’s. Due to our streamlined structure and focus, we simply can and do move faster than our competition to implement ideas, conceptualize projects, acquire property and conclude lease negotiations more readily than any others in our field.

The stanley group, inc.

Formed in 1994, as a commercial real estate development company. The Stanley Group’s activity includes the acquisition, development, re-development, construction and management of commercial real estate projects located throughout Northern California.